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About Me

Hi! I am so incredibly happy that you are here!


Let me formally introduce myself, I'm Sheri, owner and Life Coach at Centered Soul Space.


I am a Life Coach, but mainly I am a woman, wife, mom, sister & friend who is in the continuous process of learning to know, accept, and love myself on all levels, Mind, Body, and Soul. I focus on personal growth and self awareness. I experience life with the intention of peace, love, joy, passion, and fun. I understand that I have an unlimited capacity to create the life that my heart & soul desires and I believe that YOU can too!

My coaching style entails various holistic modalities such as mindful meditation, energetic & emotional embodiment practices, breath work exercises, and most importantly bringing conscious awareness to your everyday life.  

I serve my clients and organizations in rediscovering their purpose & passion by creating a sacred practice of

self-discovery through mind-body connection.  My clients often return to a state of flow & balance helping them to achieve the results they desire in their life with more ease.

I can't wait to help YOU do the same! 




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