What Being a Seeker actually least for me!!

I'm a seeker, I believe we all are & ultimately the only differences are in what it is we are seeking & how we do it. That's it! My seeking path, has led me down the spiritual path of understanding, remembering, discovering, and FEELING. Always the feeling :) lol. If you're the I want deep, inner acknowledgement, acceptance, understanding, guidance, know how, spiritual awakening, heart healing, lightworker, empath type, then we should really chat! Seriously....reach out!

Every time I get into conversations about what I do & what my experience has been I always get the question, "What does that even mean, I mean I get it, but I don't know what that means?" I say, "Well, it's a path that I am so happy that I took, but it isn't easy. It's a dance of leaning into & falling back. It's growing & surrendering. It's a choice that once you've made you will never go back to who you were, you simply can't & you won't want to, but if you just keep trusting & going it's the most rewarding, satisfying, and beautiful experience that is available to you because it is YOU....Your truth, your authentic self, the one that you've been seeking all along."

Danielle LaPorte described

it best in her book "White Hot Truth." When I read her words I was like, "ummm yes! This is EXACTLY what it means, what it FEELS like, & what I have experienced along my journey!" It's what I know I will continue to experience as I go forward, deeper, into my truth. Here is what she says,

"Devotion to truth seeking goes something like this: you're going to risk being disliked (actually, it's not a risk, it's inevitable). At some point you will be very misunderstood - and you won't know how much that stings until it happens.

You're going to take a hit for the team. Because you're not learning lessons just for your own good. Healing for one is healing for many.

You will burn the plans that you thought were the answer to your profound longing. You will pray, on your knees, with the flavour of begging in your throat. You will have to ask for help - the vulnerable kind of asking when you're terrified that the answer could be No.

You will humbly make amends. You will let people go. You will build walls (because every kingdom has walls). There's a good chance that you'll be profoundly lonely. By necessity, you will become your own Lover. You will feel it all - all in one day.

You'll have to get up really early after staying up way too late. You'll learn to bend time, and subsist on your own confidence. You'll put in your own money. You're going to do the hard work that integrity calls for, like a grown-up. After a while, you might even amaze yourself by not resenting it.

You will pass through the eye of the needle, stripped, shed, pared down to the pure pith of your power. The few people who have seen you so naked will never speak of that beauty to anyone else.

You will transmute heart-ripping pain into evolutionary leaps. You will find comfort in the rhythm created by commitment, and you will come to adore the discipline of freely giving and receiving. You will become a testament to the force of tenderness.

You will say Thank You - for all of it. And then you and that devotion of yours will keep on going."

She's exactly right. I say thank you all of the time for the experiences, feelings, pains, light, shadow, healing, awareness and growth. I feel more spacious in my body, open in my mind & heart, and overall peaceful in my being. It is going through all of that, that I am able to experience my truth & purpose. I've had times of questioning myself with why would I do this, I don't want to feel this, I don't want to see this piece of me, but ultimately I know it's all part of my seeking path.

So, I ask you, Will you devote yourself to your JOY & allow that to be your offering to the world?

I hope so, because the world needs you!

If you're afraid of what that means, if you are uncertain, if you are ready. It's time. I am here holding the space for you to step fully into your authentic self. I promise you, you won't regret it. Join me!



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