The Purpose of this Work

When I think about the reason I went into business for myself, it was mainly because I wanted to get out of Corporate America & begin living my life on purpose. I knew that what I had to offer other people could be impactful. I wasn't always sure how or what that looked like, but I knew my true purpose was to connect to people at a conscious level.

Much like myself, the entrepreneurs that I work with have 1 of 2 stories. They have/are spending time in occupations feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, often times dreading the days and watching the clock slowly move minute by minute. Or they don't actually hate their job. They just want to do something different, something more fulfilling. They keep feeling a nudge that they are meant to create, help others, or simply own their own business so that they can LIVE more freely.

So, just like me, they finally make the jump, take the leap, put faith before fear & go to work to achieve/create the entrepreneurial life. But then, something awful happens (lol, not really but it truly feels awful). They hit a BRICK WALL, feel STUCK & have no idea where to begin. Their thoughts are constantly telling them they don't know how to do it, they don't know how or where to find clients & that they are clearly doing it all WRONG. They begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, and lost.

So, as the wonderful students & entrepreneurs who dare not fail, they go to work figuring it out. They find & buy all the books, coaches, resources, classes, offerings & whatever else they may discover that is going to GIVE THEM THE DAMN ANSWER! The thing that's missing & once that it's in place, then the business will be a huge success!

I get it! I did the same thing. Sometimes, I find myself looking for it again, BUT then I remember.

The TRUTH is that it's not outside of us! It's in YOU, in ME, in All of US. All the resources, classes, steps taken matter. Absolutely they matter, it's part of the process in growing & figuring out how to be an entrepreneur. BUT, it has to be done YOUR way, you have to APPLY it in your language, understanding, & belief. Whatever that looks like & means to you.

The Purpose of this Work is for you to find Your Rules. The Rules that are a Reflection of Your Being.

Your Truth, Your Knowing, Your Heart, Your Vision, Your Work.

Not someone else's.

I help entrepreneurs discover their Rules and let go of what isn't working. I help YOU

get aligned with the Flow & Ease of what does.

If you're ready to stop seeking outside of yourself & discover your RULES, then book a FREE connection call! I can't wait to chat!

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