Meet the Family!

Hello my dears! It only seems fitting if I am going to write a blog about some of my most intimate & personal experiences that I allow you into the most beautiful piece of my heart....My Family.

These people are my purpose, my reason, the loves of my life. While I believe that I have always been a seeker, these people became the inspiration of my deeper dive into self discovery. More on that later, for now let's meet the Fam!

It is with my deepest joy to introduce you to my very best friend, my adventure buddy & the most genuine, loving, kind hearted, selfless, funny & so much more than I can express man, Keith. We met our Freshman year of college at Indiana University & from that initial meeting we both knew there was a connection there much bigger than what we understood. We became fast friends & as college progressed & finished we went our separate ways. My adventure seeking heart led me to California & much to my surprise back into his life. From there, the rest is history....

Our 2 littles, Ellis & Easton, are the lights of our life, our best creations, and the greatest teachers of all. They remind us what innocence, play, and life is truly about & how to live with the intention & presence that we desire. They have offered us patience, understanding, forgiveness, laughter, compassion, joy, and love. The adventures are plenty with these two & we couldn't be happier to be their parents & get to experience life with & through them.

There will no doubt be more stories to tell involving these precious people so welcome to the clan, the family, the adventure and ultimately our beautiful shitshow!

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