LOVE is my Religion

I am a cradle Catholic. I was born, baptized, raised, went through the sacraments of communion, confirmation, and marriage in a Catholic church - Catholic!

I am a Christian. We go to church on Sundays (shout out to my awesome church- Woodstock City!!!), I have my kids in Sunday school, I am a part of an amazing women's group, my family talks about Jesus & we pray together often.

I've gone to Buddhist temples, chanted, held women's circles, sat in cacao ceremonies. I've worked & continue to work with life coaches, shamanic healers, & energy workers. I've joined & participated in women's spiritual groups, read a ton of books, listened to podcasts & have done all of these things because I've always considered myself spiritual, but I wanted to really dig into what that meant to me & how I felt about religion.

The message that I always received from ALL of the experiences above is LOVE. The answer is LOVE.

My belief is God is LOVE, Jesus's teachings & missions all embody LOVE, universal LOVE exists, and at the core of our essence each one of us is LOVE. I am LOVE, I am a conduit of LOVE. I deserve LOVE, I spread LOVE, I share LOVE & I am able to experience LOVE with others on a very deep, compassionate & personal level. Whether it's a love in action type of experience with family, friends, & loved ones. OR the type of experience where I can pause, connect with my heart & acknowledge the love that resides there that can be sent to people, places, things, animals, circumstances or situations regardless of whether or not I am connected to them personally.

I believe that this is available to all of us! So, regardless of whether you identify with a specific religion or consider yourself spiritual, what I believe is it's both! Go Spread LOVE! LOVE is the answer, & LOVE changes the world!

The picture above is my beautiful mother, Rose! She is a true example of LOVE. She gave me the foundation of religion, the understanding of spirituality & the experience of connection to an unconditional & unwavering LOVE. To know her, is to LOVE her!




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