Find Your Tribe & Love Them Hard

I'm not necessarily a Find your Tribe & Love them hard kind of girl. I am a LOVE everyone & your tribe comes together. It's something that I think my whole life I have valued. I grew up in a family that instilled love, support, & loyalty. I am 1 of like 22 cousins & they were my best friends in childhood. I had best friends that became family & that have lasted through the years & only gotten stronger. I met people in college that I couldn't imagine doing life without, one in particular that I won't have to, my hubby!!! I've connected with individuals through various employments that have altered my life in ways unimaginable that helped me grow, gain courage, and understand myself & my passions even deeper. I met people in massage school that I never thought existed, people that spoke my language without even speaking words! I continue to attract people in my life that inspire, encourage, teach, love & support me. I am so grateful for each interaction that I get to experience with them, whether it's for a moment, season or lifetime. I believe that we all serve a purpose in relationship with others.

So, my point is, YES find your tribe, love them hard, but also be open because when we love all people, then we have the opportunity to expand our tribe. We open ourselves up to connections & magical moments that we may never experience if we are only looking for a certain type of person to call friend. The beautiful piece of my work is that I attract so many likeminded, yet completely different women into my life. I get to see how they process their life trials, joys, expectations & desires. I get to learn from them just as much as I get to assist them in gaining their clarity, desire, & result. I get to experience this because I have one belief that serves me to my fullest. I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME! We truly are one!

Find the spaces, people & energy that serve your soul! That make you excited about gathering together & being in the presence of one another. Find the ones where competition, envy, & jealousy don't exist, but where love, support, kindness, & availability to be vulnerable does exist. These are the spaces where we find ourselves among our tribe, our people, our truest self.

I'd love to have you in my TRIBE. Join me, there are several ways we can connect! Facebook, Instagram, Soulful Sunday, 1:1 Coaching, and Group Coaching Programs that are coming soon!!! I can't wait to meet you & call you friend!

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