F* the Inner Dialogue if it sounds like....

You can't do it

You don't know how

You need to know more

You will look stupid

You can't be successful like them

You aren't as smart or creative as others

You don't know what you're doing

You aren't strong enough

You will fail

You are failing

You don't fit in

You can't trust yourself

You won't follow through

You're irresponsible

Nobody understands you

You're crazy

You aren't good enough

You aren't pretty

You aren't smart enough

You're too fat

You're too skinny

You're ugly

Nobody likes you

Etc, Etc, Etc...

Wouldn't it be nice if our inner dialogue were as passionate about our dreams & desires as it is about everything that is "wrong" with us?!!!! LOL

I wish, but it's not & it's something that WE ALL struggle with on a daily basis. It may not be the examples from above, but I encourage you to pay attention to what your inner dialogue is playing in your head. I bet it always feels real & honestly it is ultimately what shapes & informs our reality. Often times, we are just completely unaware that there is an alternative to this because we aren't conscious to it.

Here's the good news! When we pay attention to our inner dialogue we have the opportunity to connect to it & do the work around it to change that inner dialogue if necessary. I practice every single day paying attention to what is going on in my mind & how it is feeling in my body. When my inner dialogue is sounding like anything from the above list I am typically feeling crappy, often times stuck in indecision or inaction, I am operating from a place of lack with low energy which then makes anything & everything feel almost impossible (throw in another rabbit hole for my mind to travel down...impossibility!) Do ya feel me?!!! My body might feel sluggish, tense, sore, anxiety might make its presence in my chest, which then signals me to do a little or a lot of body movement to create the space to process it all. This is the Mind ~ Body connection that I'm talking about peeps!!!

So, here's my practice & what I encourage my clients to do. When the inner dialogue gets sooo loud & I'm feeling like I'm stuck I do a mental download or purge. I write every single thought that I am having down on paper without judgment. I just write. I do this to empty my mind & so I can see it on paper. Doing this gives me the opportunity to choose & decide if it's actually true, whether or not it is serving me, allows me to take brutal & necessary accountability for myself & also to acknowledge how potentially this one specific or multiple thoughts is the thing keeping me stuck. It gives me the opportunity to get curious around how this inner dialogue is affecting any other areas of my life & then I simply choose.

It's such a freeing, powerful experience in so many ways and the result is that I am able to see myself through the lens of love & move through or towards my decision, goal, purpose!

You can do the same! I would love to hear your experience if you choose to practice this with your own inner dialogue.

Regardless, know that you are enough, you are worthy & You CAN do it!!!

I see you!



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