Connected, Aligned, & Rising in 2021

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!! We survived, thrived & made it to 2021!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

I know that 2020 wasn't anything that any of us had planned for it to be & while there were many hardships, lives lost, fear instilled in our world that created pain, suffering & division.

I pray that you were able to find glimpses of beauty & light that 2020 had to offer you. For some it was the opportunity to slow down, be present, connect with loved ones, whether in person or virtually, create a new hobby or finally start a passion that has been lying beneath all of the hustle that life prior to COVID-19 kept hidden.

My year was spent with my family often times in nature exploring, playing games, doing digital school, celebrating birthdays & milestones, grieving time missed with our loved ones from afar; growing & birthing a new beautiful baby boy named Jett; purchasing our new home; committing to my meditation practice; deepening into my work & souls purpose; supporting my clients; participating & surrounding myself with other amazing women & coaches & so much more. So, for all that 2020 wasn't for me, I am beyond grateful for all that it was.

Each year I try to choose a word or theme that I like to use as my intentional guiding post. This year, it seems like I have 3 lol. At least that's what I've downloaded thus far. I'm open to anything & the possibility of adding more as I feel called. I have deemed 2021 the year where I am Connected & Aligned to all the things & people in my life & business. Rising is the result of this intention & I feel it so deeply in my heart as if it's already done. This feeling isn't just for myself though, it's for the collective. The world is awakening & more & more individuals are feeling the rise within themselves. My prayer is that we all continue to trust it.

I almost deleted my blog from my website, but then today I sat down to revise some other things & found myself inspired to write. So, I'll be coming here, sharing more & living out my truth on these pages.

If there's anything that 2020 taught me, it's that there isn't time to wait to be more of myself. NOW is the time to love myself unconditionally, to see that I am worthy enough to live & have the life that I desire, to experience my relationships & loved ones with so much presence & gratitude, & lastly to embody the practices of my soul's calling & share them with all of you because I AM YOU & YOU ARE ME. We are all Connected!

In January only I am offering a 6 week 1:1 YOU ON PURPOSE intensive workshop where you will learn How to Create a Mindful Practice & Acknowledge your power of Choice. If you feel called to join, I would love to support you! Click on the Work with Me page for more details on how to sign up!

Much Love & Light!


Meet Sweet Baby Jett, the best gift of 2020!

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