Combining Love with Intelligence to Make it Happen

I absolutely LOVE the holiday season & December in particular. I love the hustle & bustle, the feeling of Christmas, the lights, music, cheer, and the magic that the holiday season has always brought to my life. I can say that it hasn't changed, even as I've become an adult, if anything it's only gotten better!

A few years ago, when I began the journey of self discovery. I learned some powerful tools about choice, intention, and reflection. Sounds simple right? I know, but I wasn't practicing it in any way shape or form prior to beginning my journey, so naturally I felt stressed, scattered, exhausted, and like I just needed to make it through the holidays. Not too mention, at the time I was working a corporate job that made me feel like I was missing out on some of the most precious moments in my kids lives & I just felt BLAH.

So, how did I get here? Well in DECEMBER 2016, I made a DECISION to go to a Winter Retreat that my very first life coach was hosting. It was a scary investment for me at the time, I mean how could I invest $500 in myself at Christmas?!? LOL, I laugh now because when I think back on it, I think, HOW COULD I HAVE NOT? It literally changed my life & that's pennies compared to what I would be willing to spend today. It was at this retreat through tears & a shaky voice that I launched my coaching business. The business that I had no idea what it would be & how I would do it, but that this aching desire in myself was too much to hold any longer & that I was committing to myself in that moment & all of my future clients that I would figure it out.

I listened, learned, connected with other amazing women & got the shit coached out of me. I cried, I laughed, I grew. I learned systems to put into place that were so impactful that I continue them today & one of the most important ones is REFLECTION. I spend the month of December reflecting & creating from a space of love, inspiration, and gratitude for what I have experienced during the year. Whether it was good or bad, highs & lows, triumphs & failures, I celebrate them all because it has gotten me to where I am & given me the insight to see where I am headed! That is too freaking exciting not to celebrate!

You see, I've never thought of myself as intelligent. I don't think of myself as stupid, but I definitely have felt that other people knew more than me. They had the answers, they knew things that I didn't & the biggest thing.....THEY knew the RIGHT way. I still struggle with this from time to time. The other day I sent my business coach a "tell me all the things" text message only to follow it up with another one that said, "nevermind, I'll figure it out & then we can chat about it!" LOL. It's lessons like this one that I've learned along my journey where I am reminded that I AM the only one that can determine what is the "RIGHT" way. It's learning to deepen into trusting myself (which by the way is my word & intention for 2020...TRUST), my decisions, my knowledge, and my work.

It only makes sense that since finding my passion & purpose that I LOVE it deeply. I want to always make the "right" decisions & sometimes that comes with having zero clues of where to begin, but having the ability to return to what I know is the most intelligent thing I could do. I know LOVE. I know I LOVE what I do, I know that I LOVE the work & impact that I am offering to women that are learning to LOVE themselves in ways that they didn't know was possible & I LOVE witnessing their transformations & I LOVE reflecting & growing in mine.

So, yes. I combine LOVE & INTELLIGENCE to make it happen. I am the one that sought out & hired the coaches & healers. I am the one that made the choices, even when they scared the shit out of me. I am the one who takes accountability for what I can control. I am the one who continues to learn from those that inspire me. I am the one willing to share my experiences, my failures, my wins so that they may help others. I am the one that continuously is growing my belief & trust in myself so that I can stand fully in my desire each & every day. So whether it's borrowed intelligence or my own. I use it, I love it & I do all of it so that I can continue impacting my life, my families life, and the lives of others. And if you ask me, that's pretty damn Intelligent!

How do you spend your year end? What space are you operating from? Stressed? Excited? Stuck? Inspired? I would love to hear & if you need support, I am looking for the women that are ready to TRUST & LOVE themselves enough to live the life they desire. If that's you, then reach out to me.

I love you & wish you the most magical holiday season!!



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