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Helping Women connect to their Inner Power to Live a Life with Intention & Purpose

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1:1 Coaching Sessions

60 min Consultation for us to discuss your goals, desires, and where you might be struggling to believe it is possible.  In this call we discover the ways that we may work together to achieve the results that you desire most & put a plan in place to make it happen!

What My Clients Say

Hope Remetta

Coaching Client

Working with Sheri taught me how to find my inner peace even in times of chaos.  She taught me it is okay to feel everything that I am feeling and how to move energy through me that is no longer serving me.  I am forever grateful for my time with Sheri.  The coaching she provided me is indispensable.

Leah Brady

Lifestyle Podcaster & Creator


Moms, Mini-vans, & Mayhem

I don't think there are enough words to describe the type of impact Sheri has had on my life.  We met when we were both trying to figure out who we wanted to be in this world.  Sheri has helped me in so many ways, but most importantly she has taught me to think and feel with my heart.  I struggled with constantly thinking of what I should be doing and getting caught in the comparison game. She taught me how to get out of my head & drop into my heart.  Sheri has this amazing ability to see you for who you are & help you realize what you are capable of. She is one of the purest souls & brightest lights I have ever met & I am forever grateful to have her in my life.

Becca Peterson

Coaching Client

I started working with Sheri to find some relief from some pretty aggressive anxiety and regular feeling of overwhelm.  Little did I know that I would not only experience freedom by actually handling & addressing my emotions, but that I would also experience a spiritual awakening.  It's amazing to realize what you don't know & also see what is blocking you. Sheri is a consistent & reliable facilitator through my journey either through our weekly calls or via quick video updates to each other.  She offers support, love, sometimes tough love & a lot of encouragement.  She is a shoulder to cry on & a friend to laugh with.  She's not only helped me with my personal life & relationships, but also my professional work life.  What I've come to realize in the process is that I'm not really making an investment in Sheri, but myself & I'm worth it!

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

Ready to start your growth journey?

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